"Workforce Entry Including Career and Technical Education and Training" in Jennie Romich, Timothy Smeeding, and Michael Strain (eds.) “What Has Happened to the American Working Class Since the Great Recession?” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 695, no. 1 (May 2021): 260–74. (with Burt Barnow and Jeffrey Smith)

Working Papers

"Making College Affordable? The Impacts of Tuition Freezes and Caps" (with Minseon Park), Revisions requested at Economics of Education Review

"Effects of College Quality: Occupation and Major as Mechanisms of Earnings Increases"

"Who Scars the Easiest? College Quality and the Effects of Graduating into a Recession" (with Garrett Anstreicher)

[Preliminary draft available upon request]

Abstract: Graduating into a recession is associated with losses in wages, but less is known about how these effects vary based on where an individual graduated from. We study how college quality influences the effects of graduating into an economic downturn in the context of the Great Recession. Using restricted-use data from the National Survey of College Graduates, we find that graduation into worse economic conditions is associated with earnings losses that are concentrated among graduates from relative high-quality colleges, with reductions in labor mobility and substitution from working in the labor force to enrolling in graduate school being potential mechanisms. We discuss what implications these findings have for the Great Recession's impact on income mobility among the cohorts who graduated into it.

Works in Progress

"Quantifying Non-Sampling Variation: College Quality and the Garden of Forking Paths" (with Eleanor Dillon and Jeffrey Smith)